What has Vietnam done that there is not a single death from Corona

Code-19 infection is spreading all over the world, but there is a country where it is rarely seen.

The country is Vietnam, which is connected to China, where the epidemic began. Vietnam also has a population of over 90 million.

But as of April 23, only 270 cases of code 19 infection have been reported in the country. Not only that, code-19 has not killed a single person in Vietnam.

When the virus began to spread, Vietnam alerted its people and prepared for war on a large scale to fight the epidemic, but now restrictions are being lifted and schools are allowed to reopen.

This raises the question of what Vietnam has done that other countries can follow as a model.

Decision to close borders

The first case of corona infection was reported in Vietnam in late January.

In an immediate decision, Vietnam closed its border with China completely.

In addition, thermal screening of every citizen from other countries was conducted at all major airports.

The government realized that corona infection was visible in people arriving from outside. And then the government ordered everyone coming from abroad to be quarantined for 14 days.

The government paid the hotel bill to quarantine the people. At the end of March, Vietnam banned all foreigners from entering.

It also barred foreigners of Vietnamese descent and family members of Vietnamese nationals.

Emphasis on ‘contact tracing’

After isolating people infected with the corona virus, those who came in contact with them were identified and all of them underwent corona testing.

Not only that, but Vietnam has also succeeded in producing low cost testing kits in its own country.

Vietnam does not have as many resources as South Korea or Germany for large-scale corona testing.

Due to a lack of resources, the Vietnamese government resorted to low-cost methods, aggressively locating people for infection testing, and making arrangements to isolate infected people.

Awaken the society

The Vietnamese government has launched a nationwide campaign to raise awareness about the corona virus.

The campaign raised awareness about coronavirus prevention through short videos and posters.

Recalling Vietnam’s wisdom in the historic Vietnam-US war, Prime Minister Gwen Yuan-fuk called on the people to be prepared to fight the epidemic for a long time.

“Vietnamese society is awake,” said Carl Thiar, a professor at the University of New South Wales, Canberra. There is a party system.

The police system, the army and the party implement the decision which is taken at the highest level. The top leadership of the government also makes good decisions in the face of such challenges.

But can other countries adopt these methods as models?

According to Jiang Gwen, editor of the BBC Vietnamese Service, even after the strategy’s success, it has its own flaws.

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It encourages people to keep an eye on their neighbors. It is also feared that many victims have not yet been identified for fear of being forcibly quarantined.

The methods adopted by Vietnam have also affected the Vietnamese economy. Many businesses have closed.

The cancellation of flights on premium routes in the United States, the European Union and East Asia has cost state-owned Vietnam Airlines millions of dollars.

What is the situation in the cities of Vietnam?

Vietnam has been able to quarantine patients infected with corona. However, in many places it has also restricted the freedom of citizens.

Due to effective local governance and a strong security system, Vietnam has in some cases been able to quarantine the entire district.

But unlike European countries, Vietnam did not implement the lockdown. Arrangements for the lockdown in a dozen major cities, including Vietnam’s capital Hanoi, are now being lifted.

But three districts or cities are still in complete lockdown and about four and a half million people are living in these three places.

The local army is guarding the area and no one can get out.

“Apart from political will, a well-organized system of government and an obedient people are enough to protect us from the harmful effects of the corona virus,” Gwyn said.

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