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Three men were beheaded by a woman entering the house

Jeddah house beheaded on the order of three men who committed various offenses, including abduction.

According to the Saudi news agency SPA, the interior ministry issued a statement saying that Saudi nationals, Khattan bin Siraj bin Sultan al-Harbi, Sultan bin Siraj bin Sultan al-Harbi and Pakistani citizen Mohammed Omar Mohammad Leq Jamali, went into a Jeddah home after drinking alcohol. They entered the house in disguise of the security force.

The suspects handed over a woman to the abbey on the strip of curtains – broke the door of another room of the house and raped another woman – they escaped by accident.

The Interior Ministry said in a statement that they were searched and arrested by security forces personnel – after questioning they were charged.

The criminal court has sentenced the three (thresholds) to the conviction.

The appellate court and then the apex court had affirmed the sentence for beheading the three.

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A month of Ramadan that Muslims have never seen before

The holy month is coming, but this time Muslims are experiencing Ramadan like never before.

According to a report published in Arab News, the Islamic world has been plagued by the outbreak of the Corona virus throughout the world.

For Muslims, the month of Ramadan is a special message of social closeness and brotherhood, but there are messages of separation from all sides.

With over 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide, the most sacred month reflects on solidarity, charity, charity as well as love and prayers for one another.

But this time due to the Corona virus, the lockdown of mosques due to lockdown and curfew from the African country of Senegal to South Asia has also been restricted to homes during Friday prayers.

Muslims around the world are watching Ramadan in two days, like never before. Even before this happy month begins, Muslims are in a state of anxiety because of this outbreak.

Saudi Arabia’s Health Minister Dr. Taufiq al-Bariya has said in his address that we are all in the same category and if we can overcome it through lockdown, it is better for all of us.

Algerian 67-year-old Yemen Harmach has been inviting his relatives and neighbors to his house for tea or drinks since the dawn of a normal day, but he could not do so this year.

This time we may not even be able to cure a sick person, either as a guest in the wake of the Corona virus outbreak or calling an honored guest at home, both with tears, Yamin said.

In such a case, when the mosques are closed, their husband, 73-year-old husband Muhammad Jumidi, is worried that the Taraaweeh prayers will not be offered. They say that I cannot even imagine Ramadan without Taraweeh.

He also became obsessed with observing the view of the soul of the Iftar in the mosques and paying Nawafal.

All sorts of solidarity will be missed due to the corona virus during Ramadan this month. Do not pray together in the mosque; do not spend time together with friends

We had a lot of community activities during the month of Ramadan, but this year I would urge everyone to stay within the distance, he said.

The Jordanian government, along with neighboring Muslim countries, is issuing a fatwa on what kind of facilities can be provided in Ramadan, where it is allowed, while for Muslims it is already a different experience. From Africa to Asia, the Corona virus has cast shadows of uncertainty and uncertainty.

In the capital Dakar, the charity has a program to distribute Iftar special packets containing cakes, dates and milk. They plan to distribute this instead of standing on the road and we will go to the madrassas.

In Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim country, this year some people have a program to meet their loved ones from afar. They are planning an online meeting.

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