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The Highest Large City in Saudi Arabia:

Abha is the capital of the Aseer region and has the sixth largest population in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is famous for being the highest big city in Saudi Arabia at an altitude of 2200 meters, and some parts of the city up to about 400 meters. With this rise, it is not surprising that Abha benefits from milder weather conditions in most parts of the country with daily temperatures ranging from 15 ° C to 35 ° C. More surprisingly, while the rest of the country has one rainy season in March and May, Aseer Governorate has a second season in July and August thanks to the Indian monsoons that reach southwestern Saudi Arabia.

The city of Abha, located in the Aseer Governorate, is a popular holiday destination during the summer months because of its beautiful scenery, the famous fogy mountain peaks and cool breezes. Tourists from all over the Gulf Cooperation Council countries flock here to escape the intense summer heat. At an altitude of 2,200 meters above the Red Sea level, the Abha mountainous region enjoys pleasant weather all year round. Aseer region has a lot of attractions to do and it can be difficult to choose between all the interesting and interesting activities.


One of Abha’s greatest temperatures is the mild temperature and climate throughout the year, which in summer is noticeably more comfortable than in other parts of the country. It generally has heavy rain, green pastures and agricultural plateaus. Abha region has the highest level of precipitation in any part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Abha Mazra (garden):

In this Mazra will found many fruits like (Grapes, Apricot, Pomegranates, Figs, Apple, Lemon and Plums etc.)

Also found vegetables (spinach, cauliflowers and Mint Leaf etc.)