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Ramadan Arrives, strict market supervision

Madinah’s Municipality of Madinah abducted an unusually large number of tomato storage aliens. The tomatoes were stored in a very inappropriate way that they would have been damaged.

On the other hand, the monitoring of the markets has been intensified by the municipality and other institutions regarding the arrival of Ramadan.

According to the Saudi newspaper ‘Al-Riyadh’, the municipality’s investigative team in Al-Aqiq, Madinah, reported that some foreigners had stored large quantities of tomatoes in their homes.

The informant further stated that the tomatoes were kept in such a manner that there was no proper cooling system and no other protective measures were taken.

The municipality investigating team raided the house and recovered large quantities of tomatoes. Residents of the house were also detained and a case registered against them.

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On the other hand, the regional municipality says monitoring of markets has been tightened on the occasion of Ramadan so that profiteers do not bother people.

Sources in the municipality said that investigative proceedings are a routine part, but they have been further enhanced with regard to Ramadan.

Foreigners storing vegetables inappropriately were also arrested.

Remember that the Ministry of Commerce also has a series of comprehensive anti-graft operations aimed at protecting people from illicit profits and eliminating non-standard goods from the markets.

The Ministry of Commerce has also issued a toll-free number 1900 that can be reported to the dealers.

From today on wards, the implementation of uniform curfew passes will result in penalties for violations

A similar curfew pass will start arriving from Tuesday, the Public Health Department said.

All previous passes used for transportation during the curfew will be considered canceled, with only the centralized pass passes being used.

According to the Lesson website, the department has said that “uniformly centralized passes will be issued only to those who belong to the sectors which are allowed to transit during the curfew.”

The peace ministry has said that “the Interior Ministry has given sufficient respite to various sectors to issue a new uniform centralized curfew pass, after which it has been decided today.”

The public has said that “all security personnel have been explicitly instructed that those who do not have a centralized curfew should be fined 10,000 rials immediately as it pertains to an area which has curfew traffic.”

Remember that uniform passports will be issued across the country with the approval of the Ministry of Interior. The purpose of uniform passes is to manage matters so that the data of the issued curfew passes is available to the organization.

As in other countries, curfew is imposed across the country due to the Corona virus in Saudi Arabia, while a 24-hour curfew has been imposed in nine cities including Jeddah.

During the curfew, employees of companies providing basic necessities have been allowed to travel, but now after the new decision they have to pass the centralized curfew.

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