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# Quarantine

# Quarantine

Most people in the world first came to know the word Quarantine.

It is actually derived from the Latin word (Quaranta Giorna) which means forty days.

Battles were left in isolation for forty days. And this process was prominent in every society. Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism and other religions were also practiced and practiced. I also used to “do”. People used to go to the caves for a few days or weeks in solitude and most of the time was forty days that in the world of medicine it is said that The effect of a meal has been in the body for forty days. A Hadith has said that if a servant eats haraam, forty days his recovery is not acceptable. The effect of this meal lasts for forty days and if the salum is obtained, it does not attain transparency because it is in the body of the haraam, and that is the non-acceptance.

Even with Sufis and people, the term cut-out or trickery is very well known.

Then this practice has also been practiced for more or less days. Likewise, all religious scholars also adhere to eating certain types of food during the days of their own cleansing rituals, which are for the purpose of purification. That is, they work hard on transparency so that transparency can be achieved by moving away from the world.

It is now alleged that every particle of the universe is attached to its creator, and that the particle of the particle contained in it is fulfilled by the same relation, that is, a continuation of the signals coming from Allah. Just as the defense sends signals to various organs of the body, these signals, called immortals or immortals, or infinitesimals, come to all beings.

“The Lord of the Rings”

Your Lord has revealed to the bee.

That is, they continue to receive inspiration. Through these inspirational signals, they understand the good and the bad; they are taken miles away so they do not forget the path, but reach the hive.

“Fascinating Strong Throat”

This means that the paths have been made fun of you and subdued.

It is sometimes interpreted as inspiration and signals that nature is that it passes through the web of the Sabbath (seven heavens) by Omar Allah.

‘‘واوحی فی کل سماءٍ امرہا’’

And he said

‘‘والسماء ذات الحبک’’

And by the heaven with the heaven,

That is, billions of trillion signals pass through it every second and every signal comes from Allah and He is aware of it.

And indeed we have created for you seven ways, and we are not neglectful of creation.

The paths to the heavens were said to be because they are the paths of the signals and in the tradition that every drop comes down with an angel as it comes down with rain. Now these angels exist but they are related. It was said that the light is there. Even if the signal is given, the light will be the same and the speed of light is known. The fastest one in the universe is one hundred thirty-six thousand miles per second. And then when that light is an angel, then he knows Allah. What is the distance traveled in a given area?

By saying fate, inspiration is for every creature and so is every human being. An inspiration is firmness, which is our natural need and one that requires hard work. It is the simple and the mystic. Sheikh Shahabuddin Suhrawardy said that the isolation of thoughts in isolation cleanses the inner, even if it does not follow the Divine religion and still cleanses the soul. Then even the Hindus and Buddhists or other religions of their own Sufis speak some inspiration and if they are following a needle and following religion # Rsul_pakﷺ  , So it shows the bright conscience, detachment from the world, the recitation of the Divine Divine and sincere worship. Occasionally people get confused by these similarities then there is the suspicion of the unity of some Muslim Sufis and the philosophy of the Hindus.

Now cunning or quarantine used to be religiously religious. Then the concept of quarantine was also adopted with regard to infectious diseases, whose primary purpose was to infect those with the disease and those who did not. And in reference to the infectious plague, the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) quoted from Imam Muslim that Osama bin Zaid said that people should not go out and enter from outside if spread.

It is a precaution and it is the Sharia, so just as the spiritual quarantine cleanses the body, so will the medical quarantine not only medical, but also the spirit and the immune system will be strengthened to some extent.