Now doctors will save patients and robots doctors

New corpses have arrived in Europe to check the pulse of people suffering from high fever and help doctors at the Corona virus center in Italy.

According to the French news agency AFP, doctors and nurses in Italy have expressed happiness over the arrival of these robots as it will also help protect their own lives.

Italy’s citizens are seeing the world these days through various measures like lockdown and social distance, so that they can cope with the Corona virus epidemic, but it is difficult for them to find dozens of doctors and nurses in the country. The victims are giving their lives, saving thousands of patients in the Northern Territory.

Italy’s Medical Association said Friday that ’70 members of the doctors and medical staff have died for various reasons since the first death in Corona on February 21 in the country’.

Nurses and doctors at hospitals near the Swiss border look happy with the new robot friends posing behind their face masks.

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The city hospital of various has found six human-made machines. Some of them are white and have sensors installed inside their heads, while others are simple machines that look like a broom on wheels.

Doctors say that with the advent of the robots, there is a smile on the faces of young patients, but the purpose of bringing these robots is to prevent the outbreak in the doctors and save their lives.

Francois Dentali, director of the Cirkullo Hospital intensive care unit, says ‘robots are tired of people who are not affected by the outbreak.’

The death toll from the Corona virus in Italy has reached close to 15,000, but doctors suspect the official figures and say the death toll in the Virus lambourdi area is doubled.

It is likely that Italy will remain in lockdown until the end of this month.