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Maulana Tariq Jameel, Our Strategic Asset

Corona is one of the hottest debates in Pakistan that is taking place in pockets of religious people and pockets of paradise.

He puts a picture of the empty box in the Ka’ba and says, “Look, your God has gone on holiday.” On the other hand the answer comes that you used to say that the West has made a lot of progress. Now all the unbelievers are copying our wudu to save lives.

He says that there is a Muslim in the world who is developing the vaccine. The answer is that Corona has spread to the area where Muslims were being oppressed.

There is a demand to close the mosques, if anyone can tell the Ma’al Lal mosque. There has also been an attempt to make Corona a Shia Sunni.

In such a case, Imran Khan says that not to panic, the next day the provinces say that our heart is nervous.

Khan has already said that peace is coming to the tomb, so people also suspect that it may be part of Khan’s agenda and they can be raised by claiming to see Corona in Pakistan. I was like one time Lady Diana came along.

Khan is a pained man and never leaves in the grief of this nation.

So the only option left for the state to make a distinction between panics or panic was to present the nation to Maulana Tariq Jameel for a tea.

Maulana is such a good man that he even went on to explain that he had never sold religion, who could not make a cup of tea?

The truth is that there is no problem of Pakistan that Maulana has not solved before. When General Musharraf was assassinated repeatedly and after an investigation, it was discovered that the informant was from the house, it was also realized that the disease was probably misunderstood in the military circles about the true Islam. Maulana was approached.

FBR is a Pakistani company whose job is to collect taxes and taxes. The general impression that our treasury is often found empty is responsible for corrupt politicians as well as FBR officers who do not take full bribes from the seats.

The organization also addressed Maulana Tariq Jameel in all its offices to improve its officers. The treasure is like that, but the alleged officer is found in his concerts telling Maulana.

Who is called when the field and intention of Pakistan’s cricket team start to deteriorate?

When Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan realizes that his faith in his half-aged girls by taking off shirt numbers and his faith have not deteriorated, he calls Maulana too.

So think that we have a national asset that guides us on national security, prays for filling our empty treasures, is the spiritual coach of the national cricket team and is also the life coach of Aamir Khan.

He used to address the nation in times of fear and suspicion because people only know when he sees Imran Khan on screen that he wants time to panic.

He termed Imran Khan as a worker, so the workers of the nation may have wondered whether the same people were born in the whole nation. If we work twelve hours a day seven days a week, is it a luxury? They should understand that metaphors are also used in prayers.

If Imran Khan succeeds, then the whole country succeeds. Historically, our scholars have been reading the beliefs of our soldiers, but I do not remember that any scholar has ever been on TV and has been applauded by the Air Force and Navy.

Maulana Tariq Jameel does not forget his compassion. Puppies, gypsies for everyone, forgiveness to everyone.

There is a set in Karachi in which all the Shariah and non-Shari’a defects are found. At the same time, he is a trusted confidant of Maulana and swings his words. The ringtone on the phone has his picture taken.

I said this is not a bit contradictory? What is the contradiction? On the Day of Judgment Allah will ask, I will say that I am a sinner, and then I will forward Maulana Tariq Jameel to tell you the rest.