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Corona spread fined up to one million riyals

Public prosecution in Saudi Arabia warns victims of the new Corona virus that protective measures are required. Failure to do so will result in imprisonment and a fine.

According to a public prosecutor, any coronary virus patient has to be extremely careful about transmitting the virus to others.

According to the urgent website, the Public Prosecution has warned in a statement on Twitter that “a person infected with the Corona virus must follow precautionary measures – do not do anything that is suspected of transmitting the virus.” –

A person in Corona must follow precautionary measures.


This is time to emphasized due to corona virus spreads rapidly and if is not take proper measurement ,so it transfer from the effected person to another person.

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According to the Public Prosecution, “If a person with coronary virus does not respect the ban for not transmitting the virus, it will be punishable by up to one million riyals and up to five years imprisonment for either.” –

The Public Prosecution further stated that ‘It is a public punishment for transmitting the virus while it does not include the punishment which may be incurred in connection with infecting another person.’

‘Anyone who has transmitted the virus to a corona patient can claim compensation for their own loss and this person will have to pay it.’