How America exposed the CoronaVirus to the world?

No one knows for sure how bad this situation can be and how long things will stay the same.

According to a report, Chinese parents who proudly sent their children to the United States or London to pursue education are now sending those masks and sanitizes or sending them back home as soon as they spend up to $ 25,000.

Two months ago, China prevents the deaths and committed to controlling the virus.


It is alleged by some constituents in the United States that it was a time when President Trump’s administration went hand-in-hand, rather than testing and taking preventive measures.

President Trump told CNBC at the World Economic Forum in Davis in January that we were in full control. He also said that he was fully confident of the information coming from China.

The situation is rapidly changing.

The Healthcare Agency (CDS) introduced its Coronavirus test system, but the preliminary results obtained from the initial test due to manufacturing defects were unavoidable.

Authorities say the issues have been resolved.

                        Even if tests are available, many cannot afford it.

According to reports, corona tests are not being performed at the desired speed due to lack of cotton swabs, gloves and other equipment.

As people began to question government actions, President Trump began meetings and conferences and mobilized his administration in front of cameras, which appear to assure full support and role on TV.

In one of his columns America is broken, US journalist David Wells spoke well of President Trump and his administration. They did not write how sad it is that we are living in a world where the system is being held hostage by private companies and charities where in the United States, even in times of need, it provides the necessary medical assistance for the outbreak.

What would be even more egregious of our current system malfunction is that the leading medical companies and insurance companies were forced to waive fees or force a joint payment to test.

Journalist Carl Gibson does not have insurance. They wrote about how horrible it is to live in the Coronavirus era.

After waiting four hours, the doctor bandaged my arm, prescribed pain medication and advised me to go home. So I had to pay more than $ 4000 for the job. And what I could not see is following me to this day.

As of 2018, an estimated 27.5 million people in the United States, which make up 8.5% of the population, have not had health insurance.

Under pressure from public protests, the US government has legislated to facilitate the quick and free trial of the Coronavirus.

Almost five million homeless Americans who live in camps, shelters and streets are more likely to suffer from the outbreak.

Although standing in the White House courtyard, President Trump claims that masks are being made in the tens of millions, the ground facts are radically different.

About five million homeless Americans who live in camps, shelters, and streets are more likely to suffer from this outbreak.

There are also shocking reports that doctors in the US state of Seattle are making their own masks from plastic sheets.

According to the report, the Health and Hospital Association has appealed to donations of mask from construction companies, dentists and other groups of veterinarians who may have masks.

In an emergency room, doctors were given marijuana mask, and when they tried to tie these masks, their rubber loose.

According to the report, many doctors in the United States say that they are being given only a mask that they have been using indefinitely. They are cleaning it and using it again. Don’t even know how effective it can be.

Hospital staff at a medical center in Chicago has begun using ‘washable lab goggles’.

Doctors in Brooklyn said they used a mask for a week because of the mask supply being low.

Extraordinary news is coming out of the developed country.

Even the US Department of Health (CDS) tried to declare that clothes and scarves should be used to cover the mouth if necessary because of a mask shortage. According to the CDS, if masks are not available, then home-made masks may also be used as a last resort to better care for patients with COD-19.

Those working in the health care department were furious over the situation. He says these CDS measures will put him and his family in danger.

In such a situation, when the patient feels difficulty in breathing, then such ventilators become extremely important. The United States currently has 160,000 ventilators, of which 89,000 are currently in stock, and in addition to this, there is a need for more ventilators.

If it was similar to the 1918 flu outbreak, 9.6 million would need to be hospitalized and 2.9 million would need an ICU.

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