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Former FBI agent Robert Levinson’s family claims he was killed in Iranian custody

The family of former FBI agent Robert Levinson, who went missing in Iran 13 years ago, says Iranian authorities have died in custody.

His family also says he was involved in an unapproved mission to the CIA.

On his alleged death, his family said it was “impossible for us to describe his pain” and also indicated that he would have died before the Corona virus outbreak.

Levinson is the longest-held hostage in US history who disappeared from the Iranian island of Cash in 2007.

He retired from the FBI in 1998, but his wife says he worked as a private investigator in cash and monitored the fake smoker’s business in the region.

US officials suspect they were kidnapped by Iranian intelligence to use them for bargaining with Washington.

What did US President Donald Trump say?

President Donald Trump told the White House on Wednesday, “I am fully aware of this, he was a fine man and he is a wonderful family.”

He said: ‘Robert Levinson was a good man and had been ill for a long time. They were facing medical problems even before detention. ”

Remember that in November Donald Trump tweeted that Iran should hand over Levinson to the United States.

What does the family say?

The Levinson family said Wednesday that they had received information from US authorities that they had come to the conclusion that they had died in Iranian custody.

‘Our family will spend the rest of their lives without this great person. This is a new reality that we cannot even imagine. ‘

The families, based in Coral Springs, Florida, USA, were sent pictures and a video in 2010 and 2011 as proof of their lives, but their location was kept secret.

His beard was enlarged in the photos while he was wearing orange-colored prisoners, as did the American prisoners at Guantanamo Bay prison.

There were various messages hanging around his neck, one of which wrote, “Why can’t you help me?”

Experts found that the video was sent from Pakistan, while photos were sent from an Internet address in Afghanistan.

In the background, traditional music of Pashtun weddings could also be heard, suggesting that Levinson was in the custody of either of the two countries.

According to US officials, the Iranian government may have sent photos in such a way that someone else could be blamed for Levinson’s disappearance.

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