Coronavirus 237 victims in Pakistan, foreign minister declares self-isolation on return from China

Coronavirus 237 victims in Pakistan, foreign minister declares self-isolation on return from China

King Mahmood Qureshi accompanied China’s President Dr Arif Alawi on a visit to China

The number of people infected with Coronavirus has reached 237 in Pakistan, Sindh and Punjab and Balochistan on Tuesday, while Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has returned from a visit to China for five days. Self-isolation ‘.

The Foreign Minister said this while talking to private TV channel Geo News on Wednesday back to Pakistan.

He said his test results were expected by Wednesday evening, but even if he was negative, he was voluntarily deciding to remain in “self-isolation” for five days.

Coronavirus: Do you need self-isolation?

King Mahmood Qureshi accompanied China’s President Dr Arif Alawi on a visit to China.

Meanwhile, after the rapid increase in the number of patients in Sindh, the provincial government on Wednesday announced a partial ‘lockdown’ across the province, whereby business centers, parks and restaurants have been closed for 15 days, while from Thursday. Government offices will also be closed.

According to official statistics, there are currently 170 patients in Sindh, 26 in Punjab, 16 in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, four in Islamabad and three in Corona in Gilgit-Baltistan.

Thus, the total number of patients treated with coronavirus in the country is 235 while two patients have recovered.

To prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, all educational institutions across the country have already been closed until April 5, while the country’s borders have also been closed for 15 days and international flights have been restricted.

Sindh is the most affected province

Sindh province is still the worst affected area in Pakistan, where so far 172 people have been diagnosed with the Cod-19 virus.

According to data released by the Media Coordinator of Health Minister Sindh on Tuesday, the presence of coronavirus has been confirmed in 134 pilgrims in Sukkur quarantine. All the men were taken to Sukkur after spending 14 days in Quarantina, where they were tested.

In addition, there are 35 patients in Karachi while one in Hyderabad.

According to correspondent Riaz Sohail, the Sindh government has announced a partial ‘lockdown’ in the province and all the restaurants and shopping centers in the province have been closed for 15 days from Wednesday, except vegetable and meat and other items besides the grocery store. Necessary shops will be open.

According to the verdict, public parks of the province and beach in Karachi have also been closed since Wednesday while all types of gatherings have been revoked.

According to the Chief Minister, government offices in the province will also be closed on Thursday, the notification of which will be issued by the Chief Secretary.

Under the Corona Prevention Initiative in Sindh, all private and public educational institutions in the province have already been closed by May 31. In addition, wedding halls, cinemas, shrines and dargahs across the province have been closed for three weeks.

Sindh Chief Minister Sindh has also set up a three billion rupees Corona Relief Fund and the Minister, Advisor Law Murtaza Wahab, says that all members of the cabinet, members of the People’s Party, will submit one month’s salary to the fund.

Food corridors have been seen in the market after the outbreak of Coronavirus in Pakistan

Increase in coronary patients in Punjab

Pakistan’s largest province of Punjab has also seen an increase in the number of corona patients arriving after arriving from Iran and the number of affected people has risen to 26.

On Tuesday, 25 people were diagnosed with the virus in Punjab, out of which 24 were visitors who were brought to Punjab after spending time at Quarantina in Tufts.

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar confirmed the presence of new patients on Twitter, saying that authorities are now testing all 736 visitors to Quarantina in Dera Ghazi Khan, while also examining another 1276 visitors coming from Tufan. Will go

In addition, a patient has been confirmed in Gujrat who came from Spain to Pakistan, while there is already a 54-year-old patient in Lahore who had returned from the UK on March 10.

It may be recalled that the Punjab provincial government on Thursday imposed a medical emergency across the province to deal with the Corona problem.

According to provincial health Minister Yasmin Rashid, educational institutions have been closed to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and to tackle the situation, while public gatherings of all kinds have been banned, but no decision has been made to restrict business activities. has been.

The provincial health minister of Punjab also said that the government was also in touch with the scholars and scholars to make decisions regarding the gathering of people in mosques.

Wash hands to avoid viruses

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa confirms 16 patients

According to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Minister Timur Jhagra, out of the 65 people tested so far in the province, 16 were found to have coronavirus while 17 have yet to get test results.

Of the 16 people confirmed to Corona, 15 of them belong to the group of pilgrims who have returned from Iran, they say.

In addition, a patient is related to Mansehra. The person had recently come to Pakistan from the UK.

According to the Chief Minister’s Information Minister Ajmal Wazir, a further 225 people from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Tifatan have been brought to Dera Ismail Khan on Tuesday and the provincial government has decided to keep all of them in Quarantine.

He also said that the provincial government has given 15 days leave to government employees over 50 years of age in view of the coronavirus situation while also giving 15 days to pregnant and other people suffering from serious diseases. Has been discharged.

He said that the provincial government has also decided that the jail sentences of people imprisoned in the prisons of the province will be reduced by two months.

Ajmal Wazir said that quarantine has been set up for 200 people at Mufti Mahmood Hospital in Dera Ismail Khan city. However, arrangements have been made to keep 1000 people in Quarantina across the province. He said that quarantine centers have been set up in 26 hospitals in the province while quarantine arrangements have been completed in 20 more hospitals.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provincial government has already decided to close educational institutions for 15 days in the wake of the outbreak of the Coronavirus. In addition, decisions have been made to ban political and public gatherings, close hostels and suspend meetings with prisoners in prisons.

Quarantine problems in Balochistan

In Balochistan, the number of corona patients has increased to 16.

The provincial government has ordered the closure of all shrines, dorms, parks, gymnasiums, playgrounds and children’s playgrounds throughout the province for three weeks under security measures.

Authorities have set up a similar quarantine center in Choumtan, a Balochistan-based Balochistan-bound city, in view of the threat of the Coronavirus, despite the question being raised about the facilities in Quarantina, which was set up in the province’s Iranian-based border town of Tufan.

Could Taftan prove to be the Wuhan of Pakistan?

This is the third largest provincial quarantine center established in the form of a tent settlement. Earlier, quarantine centers were established in addition to Taftan and in Mian Ghandi near Quetta city.

Balochistan PDMA spokesman Faisal Nasim Panizai says the quarantine center set up in Chaman has a capacity of 1,000 people, but arrangements are being made to keep people in separate tents.

He denied that the people were kept together in Tftan or Mian Ghandi and said that “despite the arrangements made for everyone, people used to come together.”

There are still more than 2,000 visitors to the Quarantine Center in Tufan who are arranging to be sent to their respective areas.

According to correspondent Mohammad Kazim, Commissioner Ayaz Khan Mandokhel told the BBC that the availability of buses in relation to the departure of the pilgrims is a major problem as’ the buses which had previously taken the pilgrims back to Punjab were returned due to quarantine conditions. Was not allowed to come. ‘

He said that 65 buses are needed to bring the visitors together, which is not immediately available despite the efforts, but the PDM has arranged 15 buses in the first phase, including the first to send visitors from Sindh.

‘Don’t panic’

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the nation for the first time on Tuesday night after the Corona outbreak surfaced, saying that people need not panic, but the government cannot fight against the virus alone and all its citizens are involved in it. Have to play a role.

The Prime Minister said that people should be careful and there is no need to create chaos on Corona issue.

He said that every day the Economic Committee will see which sectors are being affected and what should be done to help them.

Prime Minister Imran Khan further said that the United States and Britain closed their cities, but that is not the case in Pakistan because if they close the city, people will be saved from Corona on the one hand, but on the other hand people will starve.

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