Corona Virus How did a nurse at the hospital of the most affected city of Italy save the crisis in her camera’s eye

Paolo’s Hospital is the stronghold of the Corona virus victims

Paolo Miranda is a nurse in the intensive care unit at the only hospital in Kimura, Italy.

The Corona virus caused great devastation in this small town in the Lombardy area. There are 2,167 people affected by the virus while 199 have died.

Like his other colleagues, he has been working on a twelve-hour shift for the past month.

This is what we do as professionals, but we are tired of it nonetheless. Right now we feel like we are in a pit and we are all scared.

In Italy, Corona was the first country to become a widespread victim in Europe

Paolo likes to make pictures. He intended to save the worst case scenario in his camera with his camera.

They want to show their power to their friends through their pictures, but at the same time, they want to inform them of the danger they face.

One day a friend of mine started knocking on the door and jumping.

The number of Corona virus-infected people in Italy has grown to more than 35,000

After the test revealed that they were not infected with the corona virus.

She says her friends usually look very upbeat but inside they are scared. The relief he received from Tacit could not hide it. After all, they are human beings too.

This is a very trying time for Paolo and his team. They have to do this and also help each other.

The pressure to care for patients often increases

They say when such a situation occurs; the whole team comes out and comforts their fellow nurse so they can feel better.

We try to make jokes and laugh at them by listening to jokes; otherwise we will lose our balance.

In Italy, about 3,000 people have been killed in a month.

There are more than 35,000 Corona virus-affected people in the country whose Italian doctors and nurses continue to work to ensure treatment. The medical staff is also working in the most affected areas.

Paolo has been performing nurse duties for nine years. During this period he has seen many people die. Now he is well aware of this.

But the thing that bothered her during this outbreak was to see so many people die together.

Paolo paints a picture of his colleagues in which he prepares patients to care for them.

According to Paolo, usually when someone dies in the intensive care unit, his family gathers there. All of this comes as a surprise. In the meantime we are there to help them and we do just that.

Relatives and close friends are usually allowed to stand by the patient’s bed at the hospital.

We now treat the virus infected with no one around.

They think that dying alone is a bad thing, I do not ask anyone to die.

The hospital in northern Italy has a large number of older people

Corona Virus Hospital

Kimura Hospital has been transformed into Corona Hospital. Now, only 600 patients infected with Corona virus are treated here. All other operations at the hospital have been suspended.

He says more coronary virus patients are also visiting the hospital, but now the bed is down.

We are laying waste to every corner of the hospital as this hospital is now full of surpluses.

Authorities are setting up a field hospital in front of the hospital’s entrance gate, where treatment for 60 more intensive care patients will be made possible. But according to him, all this is not enough.

The whole country has been shut down to prevent the spread of the Corona virus in Italy

At the end of the black tunnel is the azala

How is Paolo coping with this situation?

She says the nurses across the country are expressing love for them, which motivates them to work.

He is hailed as a hero.

Many gifts are also being given to the nurses’ team at the Kimura hostel.

The hospital staff cares for each other

According to Paolo, every day they come to work, they get something new.

Pizza, sweets, cakes, drinks – And one day we got a coffee machine. This increases our motivation.

It certainly gives Paolo some peace, but he can’t escape the hospital.

Working 12 hours a day causes fatigue

When I return home after a shift, I am scattered. But when I go to bed, like many of my peers, I wake up several times at night.

It gives me adrenaline courage.

But this situation is still inadequate and Paolo Paula is feeling more tired.

Paolo says I don’t see any hope at the end of the tunnel. I don’t know what will happen, but I want to see the end of this situation.

I don’t see any hope at the end of the tunnel. I don’t know what will happen, but I want to see the end of this situation

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