Corona Virus Cod-19-like virus confirmed in pangolin

The pangolins smuggled into China have been confirmed as a Cod-19-like virus that has spread worldwide.

An international team has called for a ban on the sale and sale of wild animals to prevent such an outbreak in the future.

Pangolin is one of the most lactating animals that is smuggled illegally and used for traditional medicines and diet.

About bats, it is said that they actually started the disease.

A new study published in the journal Nature says that genetic data suggests that ‘the process of touching and bringing these animals to the extreme requires precision and therefore their sale and sale in the animal market is strictly should give prohibited.

It added that further research should be done on the pangolin in the forests of China and Southeast Asia to identify their role in the spread of the Corona virus and its transmission to humans in the future.

The ants that eat ants or snails are the most smuggled animals in the world and suffer from nausea. Its skulls are widely sought after in Asia and are used in traditional Chinese medicine, while some consider Pangolin’s meat a sophisticated diet.

Pangolin and other wildlife, including many species of bats, are often sold in wet markets (markets where live animals are kept in water) that are more likely to spread the virus to one another. So in such markets, the chances of the virus spreading to animals and humans are high.