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Corona virus Why is there talk of a US-China war during this global epidemic

On May 30, 2017, a book was published in the United States which in a few days became one of the best-selling books and all policy makers, academics and journalists started reading it. The title of the book was: “War from which there is no escape: can America and China escape this trap?” (Destined For […]


The story of 30 years in NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope took this picture on the occasion of its 30th anniversary That was 30 years ago when the Hubble Telescope was launched into space. In celebration of his birthday, this historical telescope has presented another amazing picture of the universe. It is located 163,000 light-years from Earth in the part of space […]


What has Vietnam done that there is not a single death from Corona

Code-19 infection is spreading all over the world, but there is a country where it is rarely seen. The country is Vietnam, which is connected to China, where the epidemic began. Vietnam also has a population of over 90 million. But as of April 23, only 270 cases of code 19 infection have been reported […]


Apple Releases Reasonable Price iPhone SE

WASHINGTON: Apple releases a smaller iPhone, the company cuts the initial cost of the smartphone line, which has implications for the Corona virus economy. According to a report by a foreign news agency, the iPhone releasing company has released a new iPhone SE, which is priced significantly lower than other iPhones. The company’s low-cost model […]


How is the Corona Virus Test done, and why is it important

Governments around the world have reacted in various ways to the corona virus, and the most obvious aspect of this is the method of testing or testing the disease. So what tests are available and how widely are they being used in different countries? What are the types of corona virus tests? The purpose of […]


Corona Virus Living in People’s Homes ‘The Earth Is Shaking’ The streets and markets of cities around the world are empty of people for fear of the Corona virus Billions of people around the world are confined to homes due to the corona virus epidemic or their movement is limited, which is also affecting the […]


How to reuse old oil tankers

While you are reading this, ten thousand four hundred twenty-three giant ships will be moving from one place to another in the oceans of the world. Their metal-fragmented plows or molds will keep moving, regardless of the painless weather and uneven seas. These metal mountains hold 3.78 billion barrels of total crude oil inside of […]


Why does President Trump want to start mining on the moon?

President Trump wants the United States to start mining the minerals on the moon. US President Donald Trump recently signed an executive order stating that the United States has the right to seek and utilize resources in the space beyond the will. The decree also states that the United States does not view space as […]

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Who is killed by livecorna, who is healed Bank of 5 million DNA samples to understand

Nearly two million confirmed deaths of Corona virus in the world, and the death toll has grown to more than 28,000. According to the Johns Hopkins University website, the number of people recovering from the disease is more than 5 million. On the other hand in Spain more than 5000 patients a day have been […]

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GIK Students Develop First ever Realtime Online Search Engine to ease Shopping during Lockdown – Corona Virus OutBreak

 GIK Students Develop First ever Realtime Online Search Engine to ease Shopping during Lockdown – Corona Virus OutBreak The outbreak of the COVID-19 (coronavirus), had caused a limit to the “brick and mortar” all around the world. There has been a lockdown imposed by the Government, and various developing countries such as Pakistan are suffering. […]