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Ramadan and traditional drinks ‘Spiritual is even older than Pakistan and India’

As Ramadan approaches, the mention of Sahar and Iftar becomes commonplace and Muslims around the world fast out of respect for the month of Ramadan. This time around, due to the lockdown in Pakistan, there will be no traditional rush of shoppers in the bazaars, no government-sponsored cheap bazaars, and restaurants will not be able […]

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Three men were beheaded by a woman entering the house

Jeddah house beheaded on the order of three men who committed various offenses, including abduction. According to the Saudi news agency SPA, the interior ministry issued a statement saying that Saudi nationals, Khattan bin Siraj bin Sultan al-Harbi, Sultan bin Siraj bin Sultan al-Harbi and Pakistani citizen Mohammed Omar Mohammad Leq Jamali, went into a […]

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Announcement of temporary ban on US immigration

US President Donald Trump has announced he is temporarily banning immigration in his country to stop the spread of the Corona virus. According to news agency AFP, the US president announced a temporary ban on immigration in view of the damage to the US economy due to the Corona virus. President Trump tweeted Monday night […]

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Ramadan Arrives, strict market supervision

Madinah’s Municipality of Madinah abducted an unusually large number of tomato storage aliens. The tomatoes were stored in a very inappropriate way that they would have been damaged. On the other hand, the monitoring of the markets has been intensified by the municipality and other institutions regarding the arrival of Ramadan. According to the Saudi […]

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What are the curfew times during Ramadan?

According to a statement issued by the Saudi Interior Ministry, curfew times have been increased in Ramadan. Saudi news agency ‘SPA’ quoted interior ministry sources as saying that residents of areas of the state where there is no permanent lockdown to protect against the Corona virus could leave their homes from 9am to 5pm. However, […]

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Alibaba donates 100 million masks to the world, ‘Meeting the Challenge’

Jack Ma, China’s wealthiest entrepreneur and co-founder of multinational technology company Alibaba, has announced that his foundation will donate 100 million masks to the World Health Organization on behalf of the Corona virus. In his tweet, Jack Ma said, “After donating to more than 150 countries and territories, we will provide 100 million masks to […]

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The Highest Large City in Saudi Arabia:

Abha is the capital of the Aseer region and has the sixth largest population in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is famous for being the highest big city in Saudi Arabia at an altitude of 2200 meters, and some parts of the city up to about 400 meters. With this rise, it is not […]

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Corona virus Can US President Donald Trump postpones elections?

On the one hand, if the Corona virus outbreak has slowed and stopped the US economy, on the other hand, it is also a threat to the democratic process of the United States in the national election year. The primary elections are either delayed or interrupted because polling stations are closed and the voting process […]

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Cave Hera and Cave Sura’s Upgrading Instructions

Orders have been issued for necessary repairs, renovation and renovation of the two monuments of the Islamic shrine in Makkah and the cave Sura. According to Saudi news agency SPA, lockdown and curfew is preventing visitors from coming to the cave and caveat to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. In the meantime guidance […]

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Valley of Swat

About Swat, if khushal Khan Khattak has said that it is a valley that fills the hearts of kings with happiness. So he should have said that too, that this is the valley that every poor man sees, then he becomes king. And this kingdom is in its good shape and powers we, the poor, […]