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Announcement of temporary ban on US immigration

US President Donald Trump has announced he is temporarily banning immigration in his country to stop the spread of the Corona virus. According to news agency AFP, the US president announced a temporary ban on immigration in view of the damage to the US economy due to the Corona virus. President Trump tweeted Monday night […]

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Who is killed by livecorna, who is healed Bank of 5 million DNA samples to understand

Nearly two million confirmed deaths of Corona virus in the world, and the death toll has grown to more than 28,000. According to the Johns Hopkins University website, the number of people recovering from the disease is more than 5 million. On the other hand in Spain more than 5000 patients a day have been […]

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24-hour curfew, civil and foreign duty recognition in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh highways, roads, and fields are visible empty of vehicles and passers-by, indicating that a 24-hour curfew in Riyadh is succeeding – local citizens and foreigners are performing duty recognition. According to Saudi news agency SPA, news agency reporters visited most places in the city. The SPA team says the roads look empty […]


The situation of the British Prime Minister worsened, shifting to the ICU

The condition of British Prime Minister Boris Johns, the victim of the Corona virus, has worsened, following which he has been transferred to the intensive care ward (ICU). Spokesperson to the Prime Minister said that Boris Johnson has asked Secretary of State Dominic Robb to represent him. A statement from Downing Street said: The prime […]

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Eight suggestions given in the G20 announcement

Saudi Arabia-led G20 groups have issued a joint statement following an online meeting – according to the statement; eight suggestions were made to reduce Corona’s impact on employment. In the statement, the participants of the meeting pointed out to solve the problems of women, to ensure excellent performance and to solve the problems arising from […]


Belarus: The only country in Europe not bothered by the Corona virus

Football matches in Bela Russia continue on their schedule Europe has now become the epicenter of the global outbreak of the Corona virus, but there is also a country on the continent where officials are instructing the public not to change their daily living routines. Belarus is a unique country in many respects. It is […]


What are people storing during the Corona virus outbreak?

In Western America, where people are being asked to keep themselves in isolation, people have begun to store basic necessities. The Corona virus has been diagnosed in more than three million people in more than 190 countries around the world, and has killed more than 21,000 people. And now that the virus has made its […]


Corona Virus: What are the Symptoms of the Disease and How to protect it?

Corona Virus: What are the Symptoms of the Disease and How to protect it? This infection affects the lungs The Corona virus has infected more than two million people in the world so far, leaving more than 8,000 dead. The Virus spread in neighbor countries and also in Pakistan, So the total no of patients […]


Coronavirus 237 victims in Pakistan, foreign minister declares self-isolation on return from China

Coronavirus 237 victims in Pakistan, foreign minister declares self-isolation on return from China King Mahmood Qureshi accompanied China’s President Dr Arif Alawi on a visit to China The number of people infected with Coronavirus has reached 237 in Pakistan, Sindh and Punjab and Balochistan on Tuesday, while Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has returned from […]