Bill Gates major announcement of Corona vaccine preparation

New York: Microsoft founder and worlds second richest man Bill Gates announces spending billions of dollars to stop the global outbreak of the new Novel Corona virus.

Bill Gates will spend billions of dollars building factories for the seven best vaccines against the Corona virus, according to foreign media reports.

The donation will be spent on building factories for the 7 best vaccines against the virus. He said this while talking in a TV show yesterday.

Bill Gates said seven of the various vaccines that went through the preparation phase would be selected and factories built to manufacture them.

He said that although we would choose only 2 of them in the end, we would invest in building separate factories for all vaccines, possibly losing billions of dollars but eventually finding the most effective vaccine factory. Time will certainly be saved.

He said that the production of anti-Corona virus vaccine and the simultaneous construction of the factory are essential for the rapid development of the vaccine.

In addition, in an article for the Washington Post recently, he said that vaccine preparation can take up to 18 months and that some of the best-looking vaccines are now required for unique devices.

Bill Gates said that maybe a few billion dollars would be wasted on the construction of factories and eventually another better vaccine could be chosen, but in the current situation, a few billion dollars is better than the trillions of dollars that have suffered economic losses.