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Admire Malala Yousafzai’s new hairstyle

Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai, who voices girls’ education, has experienced her own haircut, which has been well-liked by renowned American hairstylists and Malala fans. Malala Yousafzai addressed American hairstylist Jonathan Van Ness in her Instagram post on Monday, reminding her of her advice to not do anything during the quarantine, but also wrote in a […]


How is the space station sterilized?

Space station rotating around Mir Earth By 1998, Russia’s space station ‘Mir’ had been started circulating in space for 12 years and over time it interrupted power supply, computer system malfunction and temperature control system deteriorated. And then the personnel working on it began to examine the microbes in their environment. They were very surprised […]


Research on mammals why do women get older

A recent study says that the average age of females is about 18.5% higher than males in the same type of wild mammals. This is more than the difference between the ages of men and women, which is 8 percent. Scientists say the age difference in animals is due to sex characteristics and local environmental […]


Corona Virus Is Sex Safe during Corona Virus Outbreaks?

Can I Have Corona Virus With Sex? This question may have come to your mind, but you feel ashamed to talk to someone about it. Separating the facts from the hypothetical, we have put some questions related to this to health professionals. Dr. Alex George, who works in the Emergency Department, has also participated in […]


WhatsApp big announcement

San Francisco: The largest messaging app WhatsApp has decided to put a big ban on users. There are more than two billion WhatsApp users worldwide, and after the Corona epidemic, the use of the app has increased by 40 percent. A day earlier, data released by data consulting firm Canter said that since the outbreak […]