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Announcement of temporary ban on US immigration

US President Donald Trump has announced he is temporarily banning immigration in his country to stop the spread of the Corona virus.

According to news agency AFP, the US president announced a temporary ban on immigration in view of the damage to the US economy due to the Corona virus.

President Trump tweeted Monday night that under the current circumstances, he will sign a decree banning immigration into the country under a presidential decree to prevent invasion of the enemy and protect the jobs of great American citizens.

The US president said the project would protect the jobs of American citizens. According to AFP, 20 million people are already unemployed because of the Corona virus in the United States.

The number of virus deaths in the United States has risen to over 41,000.

Corona has impressed New York State the most. President Trump has called New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to the White House for a meeting.

According to AFP, the meeting will take place on Tuesday afternoon.

According to AFP, hundreds of people staged a ‘Patriot Rally’ in Pennsylvania. Protesters were carrying banners and play cards on one of them saying, ‘Give me freedom or let me die.’

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Corona: Turkey the most affected country in the Middle East

The number of Corona virus cases in Turkey has increased to 86306 on Tuesday. China has now surpassed China, leaving behind the number of victims.

It is to be noted that Turkey reported its first patient infected with the Corona virus on March 10.

Turkey has the largest number of cases outside Europe and the United States, and is the most affected country in the Middle East with the Corona virus and the seventh most affected country in the world.

Turkish Health Minister Farhatin Koka said that 127 more people died in the country on Monday, after which the death toll rose to 2,017.

Last week, 31 cities, including the capital Ankara and Istanbul, were locked down for the second time, after which President Rajab Tayyab Erdogan had said the curfew would continue as long as needed.

The first curfew was imposed in Turkey on a two-hour notice, which brought widespread grief.

Political analysts tell Arab News that the epidemic has exposed the gaps between the Erdogan government and the municipal authorities.

“The achievements of opposition-run municipalities in Turkey should not be forgotten during the March 2019 elections,” said Nazia Onor Kor of Kos University in Istanbul.

‘People voted for the opposition candidates in these municipalities because of a feeling of mistreatment. The same is true for the ongoing conflict in handling the social impact of the pandemic. ‘

He said differences between the opposition and the government are jeopardizing relief measures.

Erdogan’s reaction

Treatment of Quad 19 patients at government hospitals and medical centers, as well as safety gear and testing, is free.

People under the age of 20 and over 65 are not allowed to leave their homes for a while. The government imposed a two-day curfew for the second consecutive weekend and only government officials, journalists and logistics employees were exempted.

The Turkish Interior Ministry has banned the opposition from the opposition-controlled Mursin Municipality in the south of the country from distributing free bread to the people, though it is one of 31 municipalities under lockdown because of the threat of the Corona virus.

The Turkish ruling party’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) criticized such municipalities for creating a parallel structure.

“These municipalities operate in a socially sensitive manner,” Sengul Hebalmetoglu, a social services specialist at the European University Lefké, told Arab News. It cannot be seen as animosity against the government. ”

Nationwide lockdowns are not expected at this time due to government concerns about the economy, but major opposition parties want stringent measures to control the spread of the disease.

Different story

In a joint statement, a group of 13 countries, including Canada, Brazil, Turkey, Italy and Germany, called for global cooperation against the devastating economic impact of the global outbreak.

The group has called on all countries to work together to co-ordinate public health, travel, trade, economic and financial initiatives to ‘minimize disruptions and strengthen recovery’.

The Turkish government is expected to borrow more and hide more and more notes or save some major companies during the financial crisis. Especially those industries that have suffered the most, depending on tourism, food and beverage, transportation and export.

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