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Alibaba donates 100 million masks to the world, ‘Meeting the Challenge’

Jack Ma, China’s wealthiest entrepreneur and co-founder of multinational technology company Alibaba, has announced that his foundation will donate 100 million masks to the World Health Organization on behalf of the Corona virus.

In his tweet, Jack Ma said, “After donating to more than 150 countries and territories, we will provide 100 million masks to the World Health Organization.”

One million N95 masks and one million testing kits will be provided to the World Health Organization.

We have to move quickly and confidently to overcome this global outbreak, he said.

Jack Ma said, African countries will be provided with 3 million masks, 5 million test kits, 300 ventilators, 200 million fee shields, 2 million cloth sets and 2 thousand thermal guns in the third phase.

Alibaba Foundation also sent testing kits for the US on March 15 from Shanghai.

Jack Ma also announced in March that Europe had given 800 ventilators, 3 million protective gowns and fee shields.

Earlier last month, Jack Ma said that the Alibaba Foundation will provide 20,000 kits and one lakh masks to all 54 African countries. . ‘

In addition, Alibaba Foundation, along with medical institutions, had pledged to provide online training for the treatment of the Corona virus in the continent of Africa.

Jack Ma Announces to Provide Face Masks and Testing Kits, including Safety Kits, Ventilators and Thermal Guns to Prevent Corona Virus in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives, Mongolia, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar As a whole, Jack Mae will be provided with 18 million fee masks, over 2 million test kits and 36,000 security kits by Asian countries.

Nearly 25 million victims in the world, deaths are 70 million

Starting from China, the deadly corona virus that engulfs 190 countries in the world has reached around 2.5 million victims in the world and the death toll has exceeded 100,000.

On the other hand, there are more than four million registered people worldwide.

It is important to note that no drug has been prepared to eradicate the virus, although various drug tests are being conducted on coronary patients in many countries, and it is hoped that some good news will be available by June.

According to data from the American University of Johns Hopkins, more than 24 million 86,000 people in the world suffer from coronas, while deaths have increased by more than 100,000.

On the one hand, there are protests against lockdown in various states, regardless of social distance, while the number of cases in the US is the highest in the world, reaching close to eight million and killing more than 42,444. ۔

US President Donald Trump has announced he is temporarily banning immigration in his country to stop the spread of the Corona virus.

The daily death of Corona patients in Italy has decreased. Italy Corona victims number more than 81,000, while the death toll has increased to 24.

The number of virus infected in Spain, one of the most affected countries in Europe, has exceeded 2 million and the death toll has exceeded 21,000.

The number of Corona virus cases in Germany has grown to over one million.

There have been more than 20,000 deaths in France and the number of victims has increased to over 56,000.

The total number of deaths due to corona in the UK is 16,509 and the victims are more than 100,000. According to a spokesman for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, we need to make sure that the second wave of the virus does not occur before the sanctions are lifted and softened in terms of social distance.

The number of Corona virus cases in Germany has grown to over one million and killed more than 4,600 people.

The German government says it will allow some smaller shops to reopen and some schools to resume classes this week.

The Corona virus has killed 590 people in India and affected close to 19,000. According to NDTV, a person has been diagnosed with corona virus in India’s presidential palace, after which 100 people have been asked to go to isolation.

“Lockdown should gradually decrease or the outbreak may spread.” 

The World Health Organization, on the other hand, said that the lockdown should be gradually reduced or the outbreak could spread further. According to British news agency Reuters, World Health Director Takeshi Kasai said at a press conference on Tuesday that good results for the lockdown have been achieved but caution is needed until the vaccine is ready.

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